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Alkubot is an AI-powered negotiator chatbot that helps your store increase conversion rates by selling products to hesitant shoppers.

All this, by haggling with shoppers while they are browsing your store.
Right now, Alkubot is available for Wordpress stores that have WooCommerce installed on it.

Gradually, we will integrate Alkubot with other eCommerce platforms, like Magento, Wix, Shopify.

In case you need a custom integration, then do not hesitate to contact us
For Wordpress stores that have WooCommerce installed on it:

Get the plugin: Go to your Wordpress dashboard. Click on Plugins/ Add New and search Alkubot. Install it and activate it.

Alternatively, you can get the plugin from the Wordpress Marketplace ( and upload it in /wp-content/plugins

In case you need assistance we are here to help, contact us in your admin panel or
Yes! Right now you can use Alkubot in English and Hungarian. More languages are coming!

In case you don’t see your language in the above list please contact us at and we will make sure to add it.
After installing Alkubot to your Wordpress site (see: How can I install Alkubot?) a quick setup wizard will guide you through the process of setting up Alkubot for the first time. First, you need to pick if you want to use Alkubot for a given product category, certain items or all for your products. Then, set up the maximum percentage of discount that Alkubot can give to a visitor. And that’s it you are done!
Alkubot is currently completely free.
A successful sale by Alkubot is when a shopper used the custom discount code given by Alkubot and successfully went through the checkout process. That is, bought an item using an Alkubot discount code.

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