How a decoration webshop got rid of its slow-moving inventory with the help of Alkubot


Create a Garage Sale with Alkubot. See how you can get more out of your campaign



A Hungarian lighting decoration webshop that sells handcrafted unique decorations for every occasion.



They had some products that were not selling well and wanted to clear the inventory to make room for the hot-sellers. Instead of just using steep discounts, they started to search for a more playful and gamified solution.


They found the following three options:

  • Traditional pop-ups: using a pop-up that greets the visitor and offers a fixed amount of discount instead of an email address.
  • Lucky-wheel pop-up: same as above but it is a more gamified way as the user is uncertain what he will get after spinning the wheel.
  • Alkubot: that invites for a haggling session and gives a personalized discount code in exchange for an email. This is another step-up from the lucky-wheel pop-up as it requires more interaction from the user. As they go back and forth making offers and rejecting counteroffers the user gets involved in the process and in the end, they will value their discounts more.


After reviewing the three options, they choose Alkubot.


Creating the campaign

Before using Alkubot, they creatively created a separate page where they listed all the items that they wanted to sell and it was called Garage Sale.


For each item, they set a maximum amount of discount that Alkubot can give to the visitor. For example, if we have an item that is worth 100 USD and we set a maximum discount of 15%, then Alkubot can only give a 15 USD or less discount. So if a visitor accepts an 8% discount from Alkubot and makes a purchase, then the webshop not only made a sale but also saved 7% of discount, which also increased its revenue. This could not be possible with the other solutions, as they always give away the maximum possible amount.


Create a Garage Sale with Alkubot. See how you can get more out of your campaign


They also set up Alkubot so it only pops-up if the user is hesitating and wants to leave the store. Of course, you have other options, like whether the user been on the site before or did he interacted with Alkubot before. So you can even create a campaign where Alkubot is only shown for users that have been on the site for the third time and did not interact with the bot. However, in this case, the webshop wanted to get rid of their unwanted stocks so they offered between 5-20% discounts while focusing on every visitor who wants to leave.



97% of the inventory sold out

17% Conversion rate

4% average discount saved (discounts that were not necessary to make the sale)

In case if you want to create similar campaigns or just want to increase your conversion rate and revenue, then give Alkubot a try for free.