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The following cookie policy is part of our Data Processing and Privacy Policy. You can read more about our company and the privacy practices we apply in our Data Processing and Privacy Policy.

In order for us to display the site in a personalized and interactive way, we need to store certain information about your use of our website. This is done using small text files called cookies.

Cookies are small files that are downloaded from a web server to your computer or other device. Your web browser then sends these cookies back to the website each time you visit, so that it recognizes you and remembers your settings (such as user preferences). You can read more about cookies and how they work at

When you visit our site, the site continuously collects information through cookies and other means. By using this Website, you agree that this site uses cookies in accordance with these policies and that you visit any other national, regional, or specific agency that you visit as part of pages also use cookies in accordance with the cookie policies for those pages.

What cookies do the site use and why?

Some of the cookies we use are absolutely necessary for you to navigate between the pages and to view certain protected content (for example, only visible to registered users).

Our staff and service providers also use analytics tools to help gauge how popular the content of the site is, what visitors are interested in, and how we can improve the way it works.

We also use so-called web beacons or "tracking pixels" to track visitor numbers, and we use statistics cookies to determine how many unique users visit the site and how often.

We use this information solely for statistical purposes and do not identify visitors by name. However, if you have previously registered on our site, we may analyze this data against information obtained through analytical tools to provide a more accurate picture of how you use the site.

Advertising cookies allow us to show targeted ads to our site visitors.

We use the following cookies on our site:

Necessary cookies:

  • laravel_session (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1day)
  • XSRF-TOKEN (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1day)

Analytical cookies:

  • lang (Type: HTTP, Expiry: Session)
  • _ga (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 2year)
  • _gat (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1day)
  • _gid (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1day)
  • _hjid (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1year)

Marketing cookies:

  • _fbp (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 3month)
  • _gcl_au (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 3month)
  • _hjIncludedInSample (Type: HTTP, Expiry: Session)
  • ads/ga-audiences (Type: Pixel, Expiry: Session)
  • bcookie (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 2year)
  • bscookie (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 2year)
  • fr (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 3month)
  • i/adsct (Type: Pixel, Expiry: Session)
  • lidc (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1day)
  • personalization_id (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 2year)
  • test_cookie (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 1day)
  • tr (Type: Pixel, Expiry: Session)
  • UserMatchHistory (Type: HTTP, Expiry: 29day)
  • Browser settings

    Most browsers allow you to see what cookies are active on your computer, delete them individually, or block cookies for a particular page or all web pages. Please note that if you delete all cookies, the settings you previously made on this site will be lost, so even if you have previously indicated that you do not allow cookies, you will need to use one of these cookies.

    This cookie policy may be modified or supplemented at any time in our sole discretion. As the policy changes, we will also update the "Last modified" date at the bottom of the page. The modified cookie policy will apply to you and your information from that date.

    Please check regularly for changes to this cookie policy so you can stay informed about how we protect your information.

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