67x ROI, 3261 USD revenue with 19% conversion rate in 7 days!


How a Glass Bong webshop got a ROI of 67x with 19% conversion rate in 7 days!


TLDR: 7-day results

  • 19% conversion rate
  • 3261 USD revenue
  • 67x ROI (Return on Investment)
  • 4.84% average discount saved thanks to Alkubot


What is Alkubot?

Alkubot is a gamified sales chatbot, an interactive alternative to static pop-ups.


Forget the old-fashioned pop-ups and let Alkubot make sales for you!



Thick Ass Glass (TAG) is your one-stop-shop for high-quality glass bongs, water pipes and dab rigs. All that with a wide selection of styles and designs at affordable prices.


Only valid for 24 hours!

TAG wanted to make a clearance campaign but with some gamification elements. This is why they choose Alkubot, as visitors will have the feeling that they have worked for their discount codes with this gamification element and thanks to the 24-hour discount validity they will value their discount codes more. This is exemplified by the 19% conversion rate that TAG got with the help of Alkubot.


Creating a Clearance campaign

They just tagged their products as “clearance” so in the Alkubot dashboard it will be just two clicks to activate the bot.


Create a Garage Sale with Alkubot. See how you can get more out of your campaign


As the above picture shows, they have set a 10% discount for all the products that are under the “Clearance” collection. This means that Alkubot can only give a maximum of 10% discount, however it will do everything in its power to give less, resulting in savings for the webshop. In the case of TAG this saving resulted in an average of 4.84%, which means if you were using a traditional pop-up solution, then you need to give 4.84% more discount to sell your product.



With the help of Alkubot, TAG could successfully rework their discount strategy that resulted in additional revenue of 3261 USD with a 19% conversion rate and a 67x Return on Investment.

In case you want to create similar campaigns or just want to increase your conversion rate and revenue, then give Alkubot a try with 7 days of free trial.