Gamify discounts, sell more and give less at the right time

Say goodbye to intrusive, low converting pop-ups. Boost your revenue and optimize coupons/discounts with an intelligent gamified sales chatbot.
Gamify discounts, sell more and give less at the right time


Up to 17% conversion rate with the help of Alkubot.

17% Conversion Rate

E-commerce stores have an average of 1,6% conversion rate. With Alkubot this can be increased to more than 17%. Read our case studies!
Gamified shopping

Optimized Discounts

Don’t give more discount than needed! Alkubot knows what is the ideal discount rate for a visitor to make him buy your product.
Quick setup with just 2 clicks

One Click Setup

Just choose an item, set a maximum discount and Alkubot will handle the rest of the selling process. No coding, hassle-free setup.

Increase Sales, Conversion and Revenue

with a gamified sales chatbot

Looking for 5x conversion rate?

Sales gamification: Gamify your webshop shopping experience and let your visitors work towards their discounts.

Want to earn more while saving even more?

Optimized discounts: Give discounts when needed and as much as necessary with a sales chatbot.

Struggling to get more emails?

Grow your list: as an incentive-based solution, visitors will give their email before a discount code.

Why Alkubot?

Jennifer Nagy
Ledenvilagitasod Read the case study!
Ledenvilagitasod got a 17% converstion rate by using Alkubot for their garage sale campaign. "Our visitors really like Alkubot, and it's easy to setup."
Thick Ass Glass Read the case study!
Wanted to make a clearance campaign but with some gamification elements. "Got 3260 USD revenue with 19% conversion rate in the first 7 days thanks to Alkubot."


You only need to pay in case Alkubot makes a sale for you

based on sales generated by Alkubot

7-day free trial

Unlimited campaigns

Collect email after a deal

Advanced timing options

Set it for products and collections

Cart abandonment and custom pages

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